Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Turning It Over Again

A while back someone gave me a rock that had the words "Turn it over" painted on one side. When you turned the rock over again you saw the words "Turn it over" on the other side.  Hence no matter which way you turn the rock it says, "Turn it over."  A really powerful statement actually. No matter what, turn it over - to God.  Everything. Every time.  We look for answers everywhere. The next diet, the better workout,  another class,  Oprah, the next door neighbor, Dr. Phil. And on it goes. Who can give us the answer? Turn it over.  Its hard to do at times. Turn over a problem to an unseen entity.  Sit quietly and really listen for advice. Especially if we are stressed or in a hurry or want an answer RIGHT NOW.
Turn it over.  I know that often God is the last place I go when I am trying to solve stuff.  Sort of, "I could have had V8!"  But instead its, "I could have turned this over to God!"  God is so patient.  He waits for us to finish running around, bumping into walls. When we are tired enough, we go to Him. Surrender. Today. Every day. But today is enough. Just today. I am turning it over.

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