Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year... New Me!

Every new year I always want to make changes.... all the regular ones -- lose weight, get organized, become nicer. But this year I stumbled over a wonderful blog called Advanced Style.  A terrific look at style for women of a certain age by Ari Seth Cohen.  It has suddenly reminded me that it's time to have fun again. Maybe all the recession, and seriousness of the past year had clouded over the fact that I love to have fun and fun is everywhere and doesn't have to be expensive.  And this year fun is starting with my wardrobe.  I have grown tired of basic black. I am breaking out the COLOR.  No more demure understated jewelry - it's time to set free my inner wild child and break out the beads and the bangles.  And maybe wear ALL OF THEM at the same time! One of the great things about getting older is... that I am well past caring about who or what someone may think of me.  I have lived with myself long enough to know that doesn't really matter.  My new role models are Iris Apfel and Lynn Dell and all those other women who are still living joyously well into their nineties!!  So 2013 here I come!!!