Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Year, a New Me and a New Blog!

Ok. I know everyone has a blog. Everyone. My co-workers, my family members, my friends, for all I know my cats may have one. So now here I am. What  to talk about. What to say. And frankly, why anyone would care what I would have to say is really beyond me. But it occurred to me as I celebrated a HUGE birthday last week that maybe I have been alive long enough to share some wisdom, stories, advice etc. about how to deal with life whether we are talking about getting a career going in Hollywood or trying to be a grandmother, maybe I have some experience that will make a difference to someone.

One of the things I am grappling with right now is... Wow. Where did the time go?  It was ten minutes ago that I was that young free wheeling kid that thought life was going to go on forever. And now here I am. As old as my grandmother ( as I remember her best) Yikes.  It seems like I still have some of the same problems I had 40 years ago. Never enough money, attention or fun. Always wondering why everyone else seems to have it so together with perfect houses, lawns careers and large retirement savings. Why do I feel so different? Does everyone feel different? Isolated. Does anyone else wonder where the time went? Perhaps as I work on this blog I can find out some of the answers to those questions or explore other thoughts that pop into my mind. Lets see where the road leads us.




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  1. I know you have alot of wisdom to bestow on us, you have guided me well as your daughter of 34 years, even when you thought I wasn't listening. One thing, I always wonder how is it that you seem to do everything in the world and then are able to turn around and be such an attentive, creative, gentle and extremely helpful Grandma?

  2. I hear ya, babe. The bizarre thing is I still feel exactly 26 and behave accordingly. This doesn't seem to fly with the actual 26-year olds. Do we ever reconcile our inner feelings with our outer appearance? Maybe it's always been that way, but we don't notice until a certain age when the reactions change drastically. My Aunt Minnie lived to be 103 and I always felt like I was talking to someone in their early 20's!

  3. Wow I hope to live as long or longer than your Aunt Minnie! I still feel like I was in high school a couple of years ago! I remember looking at people in their (gasp) 50's and thinking how hard must it be to be THAT old. And now I have blown past even that age!